Monday, August 13, 2012

The 1" square sample looked so good

All the parts arrived to re-assemble the Wisconsins. Both engines went back together without any problems, so they are as good as new. Mind you, not an easy thing to do these days. Production stopped on these engines over 20 years ago, new parts are very hard to come by and have many emails saying "discontinued", "No longer available". Lucky I found a supplier in the US for the more common servicing parts, however I still had to rely heavily on trading with other restorers and recycling parts from other engines.

I got to the stage for painting. The old paint was removed and surfaces cleaned. This time around I thought I would choose a custom colour with a higher quality paint other than the $3 spray can I previously used.

Got to the paint shop asked for the enamel paint chart looking for a industrial grey with a touch of blue (blue being my favorite colour). 'Storm Blue' was chosen...disaster followed.

I feel like booking myself in to the optometrist.

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