Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All Done but just getting started

Here are some pictures of the completed extension for Munibung and my new model workshop.

I'm very happy the way it turned out despite the delays. Part of Munibung has already been moved into the new room. It will be located under the small window. A new work bench will go under the large window (hence the power points)

The most important thing is the cat approves

Model railway-ing has taken a bit of a back seat as I have been working on the trikes. With the acquisitions of the TIC it has enabled the use of their engines to repair others.

When I pulled apart Wickham 526s engine , the poor thing was worn out and in a worse state than I thought, nothing a complete overhaul won't fix. At the same time I have been working on an engine for a friend.

Right now I am waiting on a parcel from the US of A with some Wisconsin parts to complete the rebuilds.


  1. The Train Cave is looking good Albert. Hope you get some time now for some modelling.