Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Little Neglected

The model railway has been at a stand still for some time now. if you have been following, efforts have been directed towards the trikes. (See Here)

However, now the trike is running again the models might get a look in.  Munibung has been dismantled and is sitting on the floor of the new room ready to be re mounted. Only need some 2 x 1 pine and charge the cordless. Looking forward to getting back into the models after a few months. I have 1 week left of my holidays so something might get done.

The collection never stopped growing. I have received SDS's not quite right tankers although only two are affected. What seemed an eternity ago now I did attend the Epping Model Railway clubs show at Thornleigh. I picked up a few specials from Austrians, 4 WHX hoppers for $120 just because the box was damaged. I won't get the Liverpool show this year. A shame because I think I will miss out on some new releases.

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