Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mixing it up

The next section of concrete went in today. An early start to the day had 3 of us finishing in just under 2hrs and before the sun hit the slab.

Progress is slow since last update. Rained out, Wagga model railway shows, tinkering with trikes. The frame for the extension should have been up by now but the slab isn't even finished. However it's hoped things will move faster now that there is less other things to distract us.

On the 5th November, my Father and I went to the Wagga Model Expo. What a great show they put on. It's one show that you can take your time to browse what's there without pushing and barging your way through. It was great to catch up with fellow trike enthusiasts from the TUMBARAIL mob. They had 3 vehicles on display near the entrance. 2 were mine that I sold so it was good to see them again. I didn't take many pictures as the camera had decided to play up by over exposing the photos and Dad forgot the memory card for his.

I have been working on a Wickham trike for a friend that he couldn't get the engine started. It is almost a goer, it had a very stuck exhaust valve and the ignition points needed a clean up. Some re-assembly and the engine will be ready to fire up for the first time in 20 years.

Next Saturday is a trip to Crookwell again for the monthly meeting and working bee of the GCHR.  

It obvious that model railways has taken a back seat at the moment. Like everything else it has its long to do list. I scored a Hollywood Foundry 48 Class mech off ebay. This will take the count to 3. I wish I had bought more when they were available, such nice runners. I have given very serious consideration to going DCC lately. I missed a bargain on ebay with an NCE Powercab going for $160. Would have been good to 'play' with it to get a feel for DCC. For now, the layout will remain DC.

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