Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who knew....

...You could suffer model railway withdrawal.

Having moved away from from my layout I'm kind of missing it. No longer is it practical to go to the shed and do "something" for a while. At the moment I'm reduced to staring at a length of track with a 38 with a couple of cars on it.

Last Monday I started on what will be a small portable shelf layout 2400mm x 200mm. It will have a very simple track plan. A passing loop, one siding, small station platform, broken down A1 Station building and loading bank. Probably end  up a diorama more than a working layout.

The plan is to have it look good enough to place in the living room of the new house, so it will end up on display to any and all. It's going to be a large task for me given the lack of progress on Carcoar and the rest of the layout scenery wise.

In other news, Yesterday, my Father and I started the construction phase (3 weeks behind schedule) of the new layout extension with mixing and pouring a third of the new concrete slab. It went quite well with just the two of us pouring and levelling 1.2 cubic meters of concrete in 2 hours and the rain held off allowing the concrete to set enough. Next Saturday will involve another delay to the project. We will be off to Crookwell for a meeting of the GCHR. This group has just been raised from the dead and with it once again holds accreditation to use track vehicles (trikes) for members only at this point.

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