Friday, January 1, 2016

Back into the model room!

I'm back into the model railway and it feels good.

During Christmas the bench work in the new extension went in and Munibung is back in one piece and mounted above the new bench work as a second level. The new bench work in the new room is for staging and storage

It will be some time before a train is running again as the rest of the layout is getting a major redesign. About 80% of the current layout is getting ripped up and more prototypical yards will be built. I also have to build another helix to serve the new multi-level level design.

It has been 3 1/2 years since my Father and I finished the room extension and about 4 years since the last train ran on any part of the layout. I'm looking forward to the new challenge.

The layout is remaining DC for the foreseeable future. There is only me and my Father to operate it. However, DCC wiring techniques will be used should the conversion ever take place.

Changes include; The removal of the duplicated main line, to a single main. Extending the main line to incorporate Munibung. The addition of 2 new branch lines. I have short list of what these will be based on but getting the main line up and running is priority. Adding De Loc to the rest of the layout, a new work bench siding. Less remote controlled points, the "hand of God" will play more of a part.

Pictures were taken before the last piece of Munibung was put up.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

And yet nothing...

One year since my last post and nothing has changed. Munibung is still in pieces and not a train has run in some time. I can count the time I have entered the train room in the last year on one hand.

The passion is not dead, I have still been collecting inventory, it just sits in the cupboard instead of being ripped out of the packet and put or run on the layout.

I'm glad I started this hobby at a young age and built up a little empire, if I had to start now it would be a circle of track on the carpet with a couple of wagons.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


The numbers...

2 years 9 months since I bought Deloc off ebay
Over 2 years since a train has run,
Almost 2 years since the new extension was finished,
1 year since any activity in the layout room.

I've spent enough money on trikes, time to move back into the models.

Munibung is in pieces, still waiting to be relocated, 80% of the rest of the layout is going to be ripped up and a new design laid down. Plans involved a meandering mainline instead of the glorified oval. Several more station yard based on the prototype and a couple more branch lines. Focus is on making operations more complex and fun.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not a great deal going on

As the title says, my model railway has stalled. Not long after my last post I was drawn back into playing with the trikes again. I had the opportunity to get a trike I have been after for several years I couldn't pass up.

I did get the the Liverpool show in October. As usual it was a high standard, lots of layouts I have seen before but still I enjoyed watching them operate. Spent some money on Austrians GSVs and other 4 wheelers. Also picked up SDSs 63' OCY container wagons. I can't tell you what they are like. I haven't opened them yet. They are safer in the box as the layout is in pieces with Munibungs move.

This will probably be Lines near the Lachlan last post for 2012. So I'll wish everyone a Merry Christmas, stay safe and may the spirit of the season bring you happiness.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Little Neglected

The model railway has been at a stand still for some time now. if you have been following, efforts have been directed towards the trikes. (See Here)

However, now the trike is running again the models might get a look in.  Munibung has been dismantled and is sitting on the floor of the new room ready to be re mounted. Only need some 2 x 1 pine and charge the cordless. Looking forward to getting back into the models after a few months. I have 1 week left of my holidays so something might get done.

The collection never stopped growing. I have received SDS's not quite right tankers although only two are affected. What seemed an eternity ago now I did attend the Epping Model Railway clubs show at Thornleigh. I picked up a few specials from Austrians, 4 WHX hoppers for $120 just because the box was damaged. I won't get the Liverpool show this year. A shame because I think I will miss out on some new releases.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New arrangement

I have separated my interests of model railway and  trikes

A new blog has been started  NSWGR Trikes

This blog will remain for updating what happening with my model railway.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh my indeed

I'm sure most have had the great experience of starting a job only to find out it is going to take more time and more money.

One of the axle bearings has spun on the axle itself and cause a bit of damage. The solution is to take the axle to an engineering shop, have the worn areas filled and then put the axle in a lathe. Anyone reading and has a trike and you haven't checked your bearings, do so now!

Wickham 526 is the 'pride of the fleet' so to speak. I'm finding out it's a clapped out piece of *beep*.

There is an up side, once all work is complete the trike will see me out.