Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Progress and new toys

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year.

The new building has been full steam ahead. Over the Chrissy break the frame, roof and outer walls went up and is now in the lock up stage. It's now back to weekend work fitting out in inside.

Thanks to Santa, he delivered some building tools, drop saw, table saw, cordless drills, levels, hand tools... certainly makes the job easier. Dad was saying how far things had come when he and his parents hand build their first house without power tools in the 50's. Just an imperial tape measure, pencil, hand saw, chisel, and a hammer. He said, what would have taken 2 weeks 'back in the day' we did in 24 hours.

Australia Day is here again! So to celebrate the birth of a nation the ceiling is going up and a start will be made modifying the internal wall (old external wall of existing shed). I've more than likely jinxed the time table again, but in a month it should be ready to move in. Only 3 months behind the original schedule.

The model collection has grown as well over the holiday period. 3 x TrainOrama 44s, 2 packs of NHDF hoppers, all 3 packs of Columbia Models BCWs. The last being a present from the folks.

 I scored a L and C Kits Powerline chassis conversion kit for an 81 class off eBay and with another auction 2 x C class bogies and motor. When I find the time this will go under 8115, my first HO scale model. It will be good to have this loco running around the layout again.

I'll post some picture after this weekend.

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