Friday, September 2, 2011

Munibung on the move

A couple of years ago I bought a layout called Munibung (named from it previous owner who at the time lived near Munibung Hill near Cardiff NSW).

Anyway, I setup the layout above my existing layout as at the time, was the only space to put it. I have now grown tired of ducking under it to operate the main part of the layout. It also restricts access to the lower part of the original layout.

Solution! Demolish the en suite and extend the whole side of the layout shed 4.5 metre x 6.7metres.

The project kicked off 3 weeks ago with site clean up, the bathroom was demolished and the slab broken up. Last week I hired a mini digger to move several trike and trolley frames The site has been levelled for the new slab and the form work for the concrete is in place, I'm now waiting for my new cement mixer to turn up. Apparently delivery was delayed from China or something.

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once Munibung is moved the original part of the layout will go under a major redesign and something new added to it, but you'll have to wait's a surprise ;) .

I used to live in the shed, I bought a house several months ago. I kind of miss living with the trains. Sometimes I would work at any hour on the layout if I felt like it. The upshot is now there is more room to expand. 

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